Visual Short Stories

Visual Short Stories

The lights go up and an elegant man rushes onto the stage. He sits on a chair. Then expressions, emotion, rhythm and an empty space depict the story to be told with the paintbrush of the invisible. Welcome to the realm of your own imagination ! But where are we ? In a theatre… a theatre that needs no set and no words, only the body, an enthusiasm for acting and the consummate art of transformation. “Visual Short Stories” – what you don’t hear you see, and what you don’t see happens in your head ! “Duo Mimikry” is visual comedy, dance, mime, satire, acting and everything else at the intersection of comedy and theatre.

The principle is simple: the two actors tell us stories, and whether that story is about a funeral parlour with a shortage of customers, or a post-modern re-make of Rapunzel by the Brothers Grimm, complete with 3D special effects, you would never have imagined that mime could be so modern and able to make you laugh or move you so much.

“Duo Mimikry” is Nicolas Rocher and Elias Elastisch, two modern actors who for several years have been treading the boards internationally with shows that can be understood in any language – without uttering a word.


  • Duration: 110 minutes (with 15 minutes break)
  • Audience: Suited for for children from 8 on
  • Stage: 4m x 5m, with wings and backstage
  • Sound/Light: the option of a blackout on the stage is the minimum requirement. Occasionally, music is played from a MP3 player.
  • Language: no words

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