You think mime is dead? Think again.

“Duo Mimikry” are Nicolas Rocher (FRA) and Elias Elastisch (GER), two mime artists in love with their artform who like to tell stories with a crunch.
Their satirical, ingenious and blatant style as well as modern visual techniques make the right recipe for those TASTY BISCUITS. Two actors, some costumes and one simple screen are then all it takes to transport the audience into one hell of a ride.
Duo Mimikry, as the name suggests, imitate the grotesque side of our society; such as a magic show gone completely wrong, a ventriloquist threatened by his puppet or two undertakers longing for new ‘customers’.
With picture perfect detail and pitch­black humour, no doubt the audience will be coming back for more of those TASTY BISCUITS!
“Duo Mimikry” is Nicolas Rocher and Elias Elastisch, two modern comedians who for several years have been treading the boards internationally with shows that can be understood in any language – without uttering a word.

Tasty Biscuits in a nutshell:

We can perform “Tasty Biscuits” as a regular theatre evening indoors or as a festival performance outdoors.
Duration: Indoors: 2 x 45 min. (+ 15 min. break).
Duration Outdoors: 45 min. without break
Audience: Suited for children from 8 years old on
Stage: 4m x 5m is a minimum
Language: no words, with some music / sounds. Some written words in the language of your choice.
Sound / Light: check our Technical Rider for details.
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